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How to get rid of Nail fungus, naturally without jeopardizing your liver.
  • I’m going to share a secret with you, which I just learned yesterday at the local nail salon of all places.
    • I was sitting in one of those massage chairs having my toenails done, when the lady next to me started talking to me. She was giving me a compliment on my nails and decided to share with me that she had been fighting with nail fungus on her toenails for years.
    • She stated that when you have nail fungus you get so frustrated you are willing to try almost anything; she even considered laser treatment. However, when her husband heard she was going to spend $1,200 on ONE treatment, he said NO.
    • “I was desperate she said, I tried a lot of the natural stuff, but the smell made me embarrassed. I felt even my girlfriends dog ran when he “smelled” me walking into the room.  So I turned to Western Medicine she said, deciding to possible try out some medicine like Lamisil or Sporanox . However what she found was that the effectiveness is not 100%, closer to 50% she said. It is known that the medicine can be toxic to your liver, so you have to go and get monitored by a doctor. The treatment and doctor visits can really take a toll on your pocket book; however, more than the money aspect of it, she got scared thinking about the damage that could happen to her liver.
  • I looked down at her toes and they looked pretty normal to me, except both her big toenails seemed to have a large bump, or raised nail all the way at the tip of the nail. I would say that 95% of her nails looked perfect, it was just the tips.  Your nails look fine I said, just something on the tip, she smiled and said, “Yes, I found a wonderful product that really works, and believe it or not, it is 100% natural, no icky fragrance, no dry skin around my cuticles, no anxiety about liver damage. I really am very happy! What you see on the tip of my big toenail is the last of my ugly, yellow, raised, fungus infected nail.” Well, you can't say A and not B, I chimed in, "What is it that you’re using?"


It is called “Restore” by Astilife, and it’s a “miracle in a bottle” as far as I’m concerned she said. I’m off to Mexico on a cruise with my husband tomorrow, and for the first time in years, I can walk with confidence knowing my nails will be 100% perfect.  At this time the nail technician cut off the last “ugly” and her nails looked perfect.  I have heard of the company Astilife, my sister-in-law bought some acne products for my nephew; I know they were very happy with the results from that Astilife product. 


When I got home, I decided to check out Astilife ‘s web page on my computer. One of my dear friends suffers from toenail fungus so I wanted to educate myself a little more before I let her know about it. The Restore product seems to really be a miracle in a bottle; I learned that the product comes from a Chinese root, and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. I have always been fascinated by Chinese medicine; the testimonials spoke for themselves, the product really seems to work. I liked the fact that you get an immediate relief for inflammation, dryness and that if you stick with it you can have beautiful nails just like my “nail-salon friend”. The fact that the product has a money back guarantee is also really cool.

How Does It Work? A Powerful Natural Remedy

Read what others have to say about Restore. 

“This product completely cured my toenail fungus! Watching it “do it’s work” was amazing and it only took 18 days. This fungus started it’s growth about 20 years ago – it grew with a fury and before too long, my toenails (all 10) were raised and they became discolored with bruising because they hit the top of my shoes, which led to more openings for fungus to grow. I had to keep my toenails painted or wear socks. It was physically painful and emotionally embarrassing. I tried what I thought to be everything: white vinegar, tea tree oil, cures from catalogs, pharmacies and manicurists. ASTIRestore is a miracle cure as far as I am concerned. I used it twice a day but I had to stop for 3 days because my nails became very tender and sore-it is powerful! My toenails look great and all the pain and embarrassment is gone.”

~Pam H, Monterey

I have one toenail that has been infected for years. I have used Restore as directed for 4 months, 2x a day. I’m noticing that where I have new nail growth the nail is Perfect. I will continue to use it as I worry if I stop using it the fungus will come back. The fact that the product is 100% natural is a BIG + for me.

~John H, Santa Cruz

This is a great product for nail fungus. I have had nail fungus on both big toenails for about 2-3 years. After purchasing Restore I began religiously (never missing an application) applying it twice a day to both toe nails. I have used the product now for about 5 months and both nails are virtually clear. I know it takes a while but STICK WITH IT it really works!

~Travis A, Novato

This stuff does work! If it works for me it will work for anyone that is serious about getting rid of nail fungus. I recently noticed I had nail fungus on my fingernail, the nail was newly infected and Restore by Astilife cleared it in about 3 weeks.
Great Stuff!

~Lori K, Los Gatos


Product Description

All Natural and made in the USA

ASTI Restore is a very powerful all-natural anti-fungal treatment which provides a dramatic therapeutic effect against nail fungus. Asti Restore kills fungus cells that cause nail infection without damaging your skin. Inhibits growth of new fungus, restoring both nail health and the normal color of the nail. Like all our products, ASTI Restore is 100% natural.

  • Healthier Nails
  • Healthier Skin
  • Gentle and Effective
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Healthier Feet
  • No strong fragrance
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Natural nail color restored
  • No damage to skin or body
  • Dramatic Effect
  • Safe for everyone
  • Kills fungus cells and infection
  • Inhibits growth of new fungus
  • Brings nails back to life