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A Natural Product more Powerful than Poison Oak
All Natural Forgotten Ancient Secret Herbal Remedy For Skin Irritations 
  • A secret I wished I had known about, much earlier.
    Walking into the local herb store, I happened to arrive at the same time as a young man who was covered from head to toe in poison oak. 
    This poor man could hardly walk, approaching the owner of the store he said, “You have no idea how much pain I am in, what do you have that will take this away? I don’t want anything with harmful ingredients. Do you have anything natural?"  
    The store owner looked at him and with no hesitation and stated, “There is nothing like AstiLife’s Rescue product. We have been selling this for a few years now, and nothing can compare.  The amazing thing with this product is that it is “on contact” relief, the itch will go away almost immediately. You can safely re-apply it as often as you want. The redness, irritated skin will also start to disappear very quickly, within 5 days you will be fine."
    The man immediately bought the product and applied it. He said it gave him immediate relief and he left with a smile on his face. 
  • I stepped forward and asked the store owner if by any chance this product worked for other skin rashes? I have been fighting psoriasis on my lower back for years. The store owner told me many customers with moderate psoriasis had great results with the product. I decided I was going to try it and I found it to be very effective for me, I started using it every morning and every evening for about 2 weeks, I saw significant clearing of my skin. I really appreciate that the product is 100% natural. 


A Powerful Natural Skin Defense

ASTI Life Rescue is an all natural powerful yet gentle formula that heals and protects delicate skin. It can be used on any skin type for any of these skin ailments. 

Rescue soothes itching, burning and inflammation from common rash sources such as poison oak, poison ivy, sumac, ringworm, and diaper rash.

ASTI Life Rescue is effective against eczema, psoriasis and shingles and also gives relief from the burning & sensitivity after radiation treatment.

It Works, Really!A Powerful Natural Remedy

Read what others have to say about ASTI Rescue

During the radiation treatments I put the ASTI Rescue gel on four times a day. The radiation is like a severe sun burn (and more), and the radiation turned my skin very red and swollen, However when I put the Rescue gel on the heat seemed to radiate through the gel, which soothed and cooled the skin. My Doctor commented that I “should expect serious burns with my very fair skin color, which will be difficult to deal with “. Then as the radiation treatments continued the Doctor said: “It is odd and surprising that you have so little pealing, with your fair skin we expected that you would be very burned and pealing far more, you certainly got a Pass”.

Asti Rescue also allowed me to sleep! During the worst of the radiation treatments, I would wake up and put the gel on in the middle of the night, and then I could go back to sleep. Since my incisions were still healing, I welcomed the relief from the burning and sensitivity of the skin. The relief from the pain also allowed me to work every day without taking a pain pill. The Doctor continued to tell me how surprised he was that I had so little pealing of the skin, during and after the treatments. I strongly believe it was because of the ASTI Rescue gel being such a healing product.
I am so happy that I had this product to help me get through this grueling time. I hope others will find this product as helpful as I did.
Thank you so much.

~ Candace D, Washington


For over 10 years I have suffered from psoriasis, which occurs on my arms, and legs. I have tried many products including corticosteroids , but none of them seemed to help.

I was introduced to Astilife’s Rescue by a friend. I was having a flare up at the time, and was having trouble sleeping, because of the constant itching.

I begin applying the product twice a day, and within a day, the itching went away, and the redness begin to subside on my skin.

This product really worked for me, and it has helped me manage my psoriasis.

~Avanell M, CA


I used Astilife Rescue lotion for my outbreak of shingles, I found it to be very effective. My outbreak was around my neck area, I used the product whenever I felt I needed too as it is all natural, there is no chemicals in it. After about a week I saw significant clearing of the skin, the itching and inflammation was gone. I also use the product at bedtime as a preventative, to prevent recurrence on the area where I normally would flare up. I love this product!

~ Douglas P, Aptos CA

Product Description

All Natural and made in the USA

ASTI Rescue is a soothing, botanical extract and natural therapeutic ingredients quickly and effectively relieve the misery of light and moderate cases of eczema, psoriasis and shingles. ASTI Rescue also effectively relieves the pain and discomfort of poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, ring-worms, jock itch and diaper rash. It decreases rash development and soothes and protects the skin. You feel an immediate “on contact itch relief”. ASTI Rescue reduces inflammation and speeds healing without any side effects. 100% natural and absolutely safe to use continually over time. Like all our products, ASTI Rescue is 100% natural.

  • Soothes skin
  • Safe on all skin types
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Relief for poison oak, ivy and sumac
  • No strong fragrance
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Skin brought back to health
  • No damage to skin or body
  • Dramatic Effect
  • Safe for everyone
  • Gets rid of angry skin
  • Immediate relief
  • Non-greasy formula leaves soft skin