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Paukiki® The Protector! On a Mission to Renew Your Skin. 
Using a cleanser and a face cream but not a toner, is like wearing a tennis shoe on one foot and a sandal on the other. It works, but it isn’t ideal.
    • Why use a toner?
    • A good toner is a protector and will rebalance your skin. It provides an extra barrier of protection with antioxidants, that minimize the appearance of large pores and fine lines. It fights inflammation and calm redness. 
    • Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection and you want your skin to be resistant to harmful bacteria.  
    • A toner is important for your skin care routine, because it completes the cleansing process and get’s your skin ready for the next step.
  • Why PauKiki®?
  • The ingredients in PauKiki® have been used in Chinese medicine as far back as 300 AD (1700 years ago)

    Paukiki® is 100% Natural.

    It inhibits damaging free radicals and improves the skin’s elasticity.

    It's a Natural anti-inflammatory.

    Stimulates production of fluids in the skin which helps the skin plump up.

    Soothes & balances the skin. 

  • Corrects dark spots, boosts radiance & evens skin tones.

    Remedies the effects of “not-so-gentle” face cleaners.

    Provides a shield of protection with antioxidants.

    Calms redness and fight inflammation. 

    Gives a barrier against micro-organisms, wind and pollution.

    Great for both acidic and alkaline skin as it balances the skin.

    One pump goes a long way.

    The PH of PauKiki is 5.5

All toners are not created equally.

Not all skin cleansers are squeaky clean, they can alter your skin’s natural PH balance and irritate your skin.  The reason people are not using toners is because they associate a toner with drying, alcohol based formulas, but this is only one type of many toners you can purchase. 

PauKiki® is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin. 


By not using PauKiki® you might experience things like: the PH level in your skin exceed 7 +. If it does, there can be a dramatic increase in bacterial invasion in your skin, which can cause havoc on your skin. However, if your toner is too acidic, your skin becomes prone to breakouts and irritations. 

Exfoliants that have a PH around 2-3 will be helpful in dissolving dead skin cells as well as encourage new cells to form. However, using products with low PH ongoing can really irritate your skin and dry it out.

For example, using straight lemon juice on your skin to get rid of dark spots, will cause irritation and photosensitivity, and damage your skin over time. Accelerated sun damage can actually make your sun spots worse.
Renew your Skin with All Natural Paukiki®
A Toner with a Mission 
That’s why PauKiki® by AstiLIfe is the #1 choice! 

PauKiki® is an ideal toner of choice for exposure to the elements including sunburn. It’s amazing ability to provide a boost in firmness, elasticity and strengthen your skin, as well as softens the appearance of fine lines. The Unbelievable results you get from using Paukiki® on sun & wind burned skin leaves you speechless. 
Read for yourself what our Raving Fan’s have to say about Paukiki®
“This is really a miracle in a bottle! I have sensitive skin and I had no problems using this product. It is light on the face, not heavy and oily. It not only made my wrinkles go away, but it really helped clear up blemishes. I use it morning and evening before I moisturize. I have spent a lot of dollars on very expensive creams and lotions, and this is by far the best one I have used. Paukiki is the best!”
~Stephanie , San Jose
My wife had brought Pau Kiki and I sprayed it on.; I felt an immediate relief! In the past when I have had a sunburn, my skin has been flaking and itching, this time I did not experience that at all. My skin did not peel and the relief was instant.”
~Perry S, Scotts Valley
I know that I benefit from not putting harmful ingredients on my skin, therefore when a friend told me about Paukiki I was delighted. I have fair skin with 4-5 very obvious age spots, I used the product twice a day, and after 2 weeks I started notice a difference. Every couple of days I noticed the spots getting more and more lighter. After 2 months the spots are almost completely gone.
~ Marilyn J, Az
I spend a lot of time in our quarries in Mexico where temperatures run high. The record so far is 132 degrees in the Veracruz quarry.
The stone powder is everywhere so the entire bowl we call the quarry floor is white, this causes all the UV rays to be reflected on the exposed skin. Using 85 SPF is only a modest help in that I get horribly sunburned on these 2 to 8 day quarry visits.
My skin is fair so I do not tan well, I burn and blister. Well that is, I used to burn and blister but now I use Astilife.
I have found that no burning occurs as long as I use the Astilife lotion 2 to 4 times per day during my quarry visits.
Plus, now I am actually able to tan!
If I do get too much sun, as I apply the Astilife lotion, immediately the sharp burn cools, my skin relaxes and the healing is supercharged. Then after a shower I apply the product liberally and enjoy the evening, comfortable and tan. 
~Frank, Scottsdale AZ

Product Description

All Natural and Made in the USA

ASTI Paukiki® is the perfect toner for all skin types. Pau Kiki has an amazing ability to provide a boost in firmness, elasticity and strength to your skin, it softens the appearance of fine lines and protects the skin from harmful elements. 

  • Healthier Skin
  • Healthier Nails
  • Gentle and Effective
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Soothes and Protects
  • No strong fragrance
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Natural skin color resored
  • Fine lines are diminished
  • Dramatic Effect
  • Safe for Everyone
  • Dark spots disappear
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Use under your moisturizer