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100% Natural  Skin Care 
ASTI Life skincare products unite the power of nature with centuries of wisdom to give you what your skin needs.

Our natural skin care products provide soothing, cooling comfort for a variety of irritating skin conditions, resulting in noticeable improvement to the skin’s texture and appearance. The ASTI Life product line delivers quick relief to those suffering from itching, redness, irritation and inflammation due to sunburninsect biteseczemapsoriasispoison oak & poison ivydiaper rashshinglesringworm and jock itch. ASTI Life products can also help in reducing the effects of nail fungusacne, boils and cold sores.

Recent Stories
ASTI Life skincare products unite the power of nature.
We use centuries of wisdom to help heal and soothe painful skin conditions. Our satisfied customers call ASTI Life natural skin care products their "miracle in a bottle" because of the fast and effective treatment they deliver.
I only look like I'm 20!
  • A good toner is a protector and will rebalance your skin. It provides an extra barrier of protection with antioxidants, that minimize the appearance of large pores and fine lines. It fights inflammation and calm redness. 
3 Secrets to Acne Free Skin
ASTI Life Clear is a pharmaceutical grade herbal remedy, very effective against acne, adult acne pimples, blackheads and boils. A cool, soothing, antibacterial derma decongestant with no artificial additives or alcohol.
A Powerful Natural Skin Defense


Rescue soothes itching, burning and inflammation from common rash sources such as poison oak, poison ivy, sumac, ringworm, and diaper rash.

Natural Relief from Jock Itch
Getting rid of jock-itch is a must, it is also important not to have a big stain on your boxers, making it look like you have been using them for target practice. I love the fact that AstiLife does not stain my clothes.
How to get rid of Nail fungus, naturally without jeopardizing your liver.
ASTI Restore is a very powerful all-natural anti-fungal treatment which provides a dramatic therapeutic effect against nail fungus. Asti Restore kills fungus cells that cause nail infection without damaging your skin. Inhibits growth of new fungus, restoring both nail health and the normal color of the nail. Like all our products, ASTI Restore is 100% natural.